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A Proper Memorial to the Holocaust

By Alexander Wilgocki Europe, specifically Central Europe, is full of memorials. Any capital or large city has its own monuments, statues, and plaques, to memorialize the tragedies of each nation’s past. Of all the memorials, the majority of them refer to the conflicts and atrocities of the 20th century. Of these events, the Holocaust is […]

Who Are Memorials For?

By Jay Skelton As our group traveled around Europe, the most common type of place we visited was a memorial of some kind or another.   Most of those we saw were for the victims of Nazi genocide and the Holocaust, although some were dedicated to soldiers and those who fought and died for their country […]

The “Other” Jewish History

By Meredith Conway I don’t believe our visit to the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews could have come at a more crucial time. The experience we had at the Warsaw Rising Museum the day prior is partly to blame; it was almost unanimous the museum was overwhelming with too much information and […]

Desecrated Graves: Tombstones and Selfies

By Aren Burnside When examining history, there is often a struggle between remembering people versus remembering facts, especially when it comes to tragedies. I felt this struggle when visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau. Growing up in the United States, my education about World War II and the Holocaust were focused primarily on these facts. We were taught to […]

The Contrast Between Life and Death

By Kristen Varganova As we’ve traveled from one country to the next, the number of visits to mass murder remembrance sites increased dramatically. Aside from the painful history, most memorials that we visited on our trips were set alongside breathtaking scenery. From Lety to AuschwitzBirkenau, and the Sinti-Roma Memorial, I couldn’t help but notice the […]

Memory Culture, in Three Parts

By Abbey Metzler One. I had been in Poland for just over a month, when I suddenly found myself in the Poland I had always read about. Well, it never was called by the name Poland in those stories. It was just a place. Usually a dark place, with endless woods encroaching on the safety […]