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The Right to be a Cosmopolitan

By April Dvorak As I immerse myself in Central Europe through travel and studies, I have become fascinated in Kwame Anthony Appiah’s writing about cosmopolitanism. Appiah explores that every human holds value and are entitled to live according to different ideals. For example, one can be tied to a country of birth as well as […]

Hitchcock, Welles, Kurosawa, Riefenstahl?

By Luke Burke I was unsure of what to do on my first night in Vienna. I wanted to do something educational, and looking back on it now I think what I did was more thought provoking than any museum exhibition I could have stumbled upon. Recommended by my teacher, I went to see Leni […]

How the Mob Mentality Affected Europe for 50 Years

By Maryrose Dollard In my studies in Central Europe, the information tour guides shared with us that was most interesting to me was sometimes not even said explicitly but nestled in underlying facts. I was often left with questions. Why was it so easy for neighbor to turn on neighbor during the Holocaust era? Why […]

The House of Terror: A Distortion of Public Trust

By Jacqueline Murrer Whether it be for art, architecture, or history, museums serve as magnificent places to see artifacts from pivotal moments in history or art, and places to fully immerse yourself in another time period. Some may visit museums on their own for fun or to attend various events. More often than not, people visit […]

The Transmission of Memory

By Esme Rummelhart Traveling through Central Europe, history surrounds us from every angle; fragments of old city walls in Vienna, the fortifications of empires from a distant era, back up against apartment complexes and sit across the street from McDonalds. In Prague, we absorb the streets of Old Town gazing up at astounding relics of Gothic, […]

Monopoly on Violence

By Cesar Gray Say, if violence were a product, exchangeable and possessable as any other commodity, then perhaps there are no greater examples of its monopolization than those of the totalitarian regimes of Europe in the 20th century. Each stop along our tour of Central Europe told another tale of a state monopoly on violence […]

Video Documentary: White and Stupid Confessions of an activist

Hanz produced a short documentary about Maciej Mandelt, a full-time volunteer at Nomada whose goal is to help immigrants and other minority groups in Wrocław. His concerns about his work are revealed as he tells his history of working with the organization. Click here to watch White and Stupid: Confessions of an activist