More short films of Jewish life Prior to the Third Reich, these movies are on every inch of the walls in a long room.

The Holocaust and the Principle of Humanization in its Teaching

By Mia White The Second World War and its atrocities ended…
Painting by German-African activist that expresses the pain of the word "Mohrenstrabe" a racist term. (Moore)

Forgotten or Ignored; The Legacy of German African Colonialism

By Tayla Myree “No matter what government happened to be…
Entrance to Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

A Proper Memorial to the Holocaust

By Alexander Wilgocki Europe, specifically Central Europe,…
The motto of Wroclaw found in the underpass at Galeria Dominikanska. Wroclaw is known as the meeting place for multiculturalism.

A Living Paradox: Black and American in Central Europe

By Autumn McMillan “In America, the color of my skin had…
The Shoes on The Danube memorial in Budapest, marks a spot where thousands of Jews were shot into the Danube river.  This site is perhaps controversial for lacking descriptors, but it forces people to think about what had happened.

Who Are Memorials For?

By Jay Skelton As our group traveled around Europe, the most…
The replication of the ceiling of Gwoździec, a wooden synagogue in pre-war Poland. The exterior roof of the synagogue emerges from the first floor of the museum inside a glass casing.

The “Other” Jewish History

By Meredith Conway I don’t believe our visit to the POLIN…
A Visitor Takes a Selfie at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Desecrated Graves: Tombstones and Selfies

By Aren Burnside When examining history, there is often a…
Sinti-Roma memorial, surrounded by nature, overlooking the German Parliament. (Credit:

The Contrast Between Life and Death

By Kristen Varganova As we’ve traveled from one country…
A sea of grave lanterns placed at Grabiszyński Cemetery for All Saints Day.

Memory Culture, in Three Parts

By Abbey Metzler One. I had been in Poland for just…