A Wall Without Borders

By Jonalynn C. Lao The gorgeous city of Berlin; is home to…
18 June 2017/by ula

One Path Leads to Another and Another

By Erin Harrison As I stood on the platforms of Grunewald…
18 June 2017/by ula

The Rise of Totalitarianism: East Berlin Through the Lens of George Orwell’s 1984

By Eric Weisansal I never quite understood why most of all…
18 June 2017/by ula

The Invisible Memorial

By Emilie Bouchard As a child, whenever I visited a memorial…
18 June 2017/by ula

The Feeling of the Holocaust

By Abigail Thaine Time after time it has been said that seeing…
18 June 2017/by ula

Unintentional Erasure: Changing Monuments to Match New Historical Interpretation

By Brigitta Pupillo I have mentioned before in my previous…
13 December 2016/by ula

I Am Still Here

By Ali Dunbar This morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to see who…
12 December 2016/by ula

A Major Identity Crisis

By Rosa Beyk Nelson Mandela once said, “No one is born hating…
12 December 2016/by ula

Identity Challenges of Women in Resistance

By Lindsay Zerfas Resistance to the Nazi regime took many…
12 December 2016/by ula

Dwelling in Countermemorials

6 December 2016/by ula

Justifying Memorials

21 November 2016/by ula

The Two Visible Minorities in Prague: A Social Discourse of “Othering”

By Ali Dunbar Prague is one of the most popular tourist destinations…
15 November 2016/by ula

Dwelling in Places of Violent Memory

15 November 2016/by ula

The Imperfect quest for a “Perfect” Memorial

By Lindsay Zerfas “We would like to know how you would generate…
10 November 2016/by ula

German Memorials: Respect, Education and Reconciliation

By Brigitta Pupillo From the start of our trip in Central…
9 November 2016/by ula

Reconciling National Narratives and Commemoration: Voices Still Waiting to Be Heard

27 October 2016/by ula

Remembrance through Knowledge

26 October 2016/by ula

Poland’s 1968 Anti-Semitic Campaign: Why Historical Dialogue is Important

By Brigitta Pupillo When I first arrived in Central Europe…
24 October 2016/by ula
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