Field 6: The condition the gravestones in our field are in
Track 17

My Work in the Service Learning Project and Why it’s Such a Meaningful Opportunity

By Eric Weisansal Many of the historical sites we have visited…
1. This photo depicts a pathway constructed of Grave Stones where a cemetery was located before it’s destruction.

A Road to Reconstruction

By Rachel Watson The New Jewish Cemetery on Lotnicza Street…
"The conditions found throughout the New Jewish Cemetery"

Memories Forgotten

By Samantha Schantz Robert Kennedy once said, “There are…

Preserving a Forgotten Past

By Stella Van Ness The city of Wroclaw, Poland has a lengthy…
Exhibit 1. The New Jewish Cemetery. Field 6. June 6, 2017.

Remnants of a Complicated History

By Abigail Thaine The city of Wroclaw has a long and complex…

The Invisible Cemeteries

By Emilie Bouchard Cemeteries have always been interesting…

The Significance of Cemeteries: A Service Learning Experience

By Spencer Cottman      When dealing with the passing…

The New Jewish Cemetery in Wroclaw

Wroclaw’s New Jewish Cemetery was founded in 1902 when…