The motto of Wroclaw found in the underpass at Galeria Dominikanska. Wroclaw is known as the meeting place for multiculturalism.

A Living Paradox: Black and American in Central Europe

By Autumn McMillan “In America, the color of my skin had…
The replication of the ceiling of Gwoździec, a wooden synagogue in pre-war Poland. The exterior roof of the synagogue emerges from the first floor of the museum inside a glass casing.

The “Other” Jewish History

By Meredith Conway I don’t believe our visit to the POLIN…
A sea of grave lanterns placed at Grabiszyński Cemetery for All Saints Day.

Memory Culture, in Three Parts

By Abbey Metzler One. I had been in Poland for just…
Replica of Jewish street in Warsaw.

What Constitutes a Good Museum?

  By Ciera Moore Since coming to Central Europe, we…
Berlin Holocaust Memorial

A History of Anti-Ukrainian Sentiment in Poland

By Timothy Li Although I have not personally attended the…
Slask Wroclaw – Wisla Krakow game. credit: Ivan Laryionenka

Football Hooligans And Their Role In Polish Politics

Written by Ivan Laryionenka Loud, radical, passionate and…
Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Did Poland and Hungary Lose Their EU Pride?

Written by Ivan Laryionenka A strong, prosperous and proud…
Wawel Castle and Cathedral

Wawel Castle: An Enduring Symbol of Polish Identity

Written By Caroline Bartholomew Throughout its long and tumultuous…
Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Ignoring the Memory of Auschwitz

By Cate Ferson While looking through the calendar for this…