Auschwitz-Birkenau. Photo by Taylora Krzeminski

Rethinking Remembrance

By Rody Conway The 20th century was a century of unprecedented…
St. Charles Church in Vienna

Nations as Extended Family

By Autumn McMillan I’ve been to five countries in the last…
gifts left at lety concentration camp memorial

The Roma Are People Too

By Clare Toner Part of what drew me to the Central Europe…
One of the enlarged pictures of the Prague Spring in front of the Presidential (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Reformers, Protesters, and Dissidents in a Communist Czechoslovakia

By Alexander Wilgocki Depending on your age, it may be difficult…
Legend has it that if you touch the five stars on the Charles Bridge plaque and make a wish, whatever you wished for will come true!

Painful Prague

By Kristen Varganova Although all the countries we visited…


Written By Deborah Sue-Ho As I walked past barracks where…

Handling Memory through Public Memorials

By Deborah Sue-Ho As Central European countries attempt to…

The Lety Camp