The view across the Danube towards Castle Hill.

The Birth of an Idea

By Raymundo Juarez At 6:00, on a Saturday morning, my alarm…
Jewish victims and relatives paying their respects and sharing the true story of Hungary during WW2

In the Public Eye: Budapest Monuments and the Idea of Victimhood

By Mia White Budapest is known for its many gorgeous and unique…
taylor 1

Overshadowing Holocaust Remembrance in Central Europe

By Taylor Krzeminski In Central Europe, memorialization of…

Train World

By Kaitlin Kurdziel When I was little, trains had always been…


Written By Deborah Sue-Ho As I walked past barracks where…
Cynthia_UL2_Auschwitz Building

Baby Killers

Written by Cynthia Wang What could I possibly hope to tell…

The Soviet Cover-up of Jewish Identity

By Leah Killian Jewish Identity in Central and Eastern Europe…

Handling Memory through Public Memorials

By Deborah Sue-Ho As Central European countries attempt to…