Dresden Military History Museum

The Creation of a National Identity through Militarization

By Monica Pellerano Military Museums have so often been…
The Jorge Momondai Memorial in Dresden, Germany, dedicated to the victim of reunified Germany’s first murder committed because of xenophobia.  Jorge was a Mozambique worker, sent during the Communist era

Relations Between Peoples of a Troubled East Central Europe

By: Kevin Kuzniczci From the mountains and foothills of the…
You can see how the stairs in Auschwitz are now uneven due to the amount of traffic throughout the museum; Photo Credit: Simon Norfolk

The Reconstruction of Relations

By: Page Garbee Generally when something breaks or falls…
Cobblestone walkways are the only remnants of the former German cemetery.

Reconciliation and Reconstruction in the 21st Century

By: Katelyn Olsen When working with the memory and reconciliation…