Jeremy Covone - Assignment 1(3)

Experiencing the Berlin Wall Up Close

By Jeremy Covone The Berlin Wall was only a vague image and…
The cracks within the Berlin Wall.

A Wall Without Borders

By Jonalynn C. Lao The gorgeous city of Berlin; is home to…
Scrawling on the Wall

The Berlin Wall: A Symbol of Oppression

By Marcin Zak   The Berlin Wall is a testament…
I Love You, Life, A Mural on the East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery: Forum and Monument

By Michael Kosowski To recall the first time that I, to use…
An example of an artistic political warning from the East Side Gallery

Reflections on the Remains of the Wall

By Kelsey Klimara and Samantha Avalos While reflecting and…
Berlin Wall4

The Berlin Wall

On our excursion to Berlin, Germany, the Berlin Wall memorial…
Berlin Wall1

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall served as a barrier between East and West…