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Institute of National Remembrance

The years of 1944-1945 are often falsely believed to be the beginning of a period of liberation, sovereignty, and restoration in Poland. On the contrary, post-war Poland fell into the grasp of Communism from 1944-1989. This period was defined by political, social, and religious oppression, intimidation, and unjustified murder, veiled behind the Iron Curtain. In […]

The Church of Peace

Not far from Wrocław, in the small town of Świdnica, stands the Church of Peace, a house of worship for the Lutheran community. Built in 1656, it remains the largest timber-framed religious building in Europe and is now inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. At the time of its construction, following the Peace of […]

Centennial Hall

The music rebounded through the historic setting; it was almost too easy to forget where we were, and be transported into the classical soundscape of an Italian opera. But in those moments when we did feel the greatness of the space it was hard not to imagine it being filled by thousands of Nazi supporters […]


For many people around the world with the most basic understanding of history, Auschwitz is where the Holocaust happened. This common misconception understates the mass-scale, widespread systematic extermination of a race of people that was mandated under the Third Reich. In reality, the Holocaust not only took place in Auschwitz-Birkenau, but in 22 other main […]