The Soviet War Memorial

By Stella Van Ness The Soviet War Memorial in Berlin, Germany…

Monumental Progress: Memorials as a Part of Collective Memory

By Spencer Cottman Collective memory is an important part…
The Roma and Sinti Memorial is surrounded by rocks of many shapes and sizes, and features a triangle as an identification symbol during this time period.

Broken beyond repair

By Rachel Watson An experience that was particularly breathtaking…
Also from Gleis 17; the pathway of all the plates with the concentration camps and number of victims from each one.

Trying to Walk in Their Shoes

By Maddie Petherick Gleis 17 is the platform in West Berlin…
The cracks within the Berlin Wall.

A Wall Without Borders

By Jonalynn C. Lao The gorgeous city of Berlin; is home to…

The Invisible Memorial

By Emilie Bouchard As a child, whenever I visited a memorial…
Exhibit 3: Auschwitz-Birkenau, Lists of Victims. June 3rd, 2017.

The Feeling of the Holocaust

By Abigail Thaine Time after time it has been said that seeing…