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Paneriai Forest: Laid to Rest

By: Madeline Diorio It is like an old story heard throughout childhood from older generations and textbooks so thick one might wonder if they will ever be able to grasp the concepts inside of them.  We all know of the Holocaust, of the genocide of the Jews, and of Hitler and the Nazis. We all […]

The Axis of Fear In Historical Tragedy

By: Jacob Steckel It is a strange phenomenon that, when facing the past, even those who did not experience events can be marked by them. Especially in the twentieth century, we who study human history and its consequences encounter ferocity, the likes of which are found neither in nature nor in reason. When Edward Gibbon […]

Absence of Community, Absence of Memory

By: Page Garbee Dilapidation consumes the town of Krynki. A small town lying near the Belarusian border in Poland, it once had a strong and important place in World War II and Jewish history. What remains of that history today is little more than a few piles of rocks and some boarded up buildings. At […]

Experiences Within the Former Grand Duchy of Poland-Lithuania

By: Kevin Kuzniczci From the time I had appeared at the international airport in Vilnius, Lithuania to the first minute our group presented ourselves at our hostel in Warsaw, we gained significant insight to the lessons of reconciliation and memory within one of the darkest times in human history in one of Europe’s largest former […]

“It’s impossible to imagine…”

By: Tory Russo For me, the easiest way to understand is through experience. This makes learning about the Holocaust particularly difficult because I have fortunately never been and hopefully never have to endure such a terrible time period. It’s impossible to imagine, let alone compare to my own life, the conditions that the Jews and […]

Ponary Forest Massacre

By: Jake “Andy” Fabrizio Imagine the shock and outrage if a cohort of eleven students was ruthlessly slaughtered as the result of a sick ideological platform. The public would not be silenced. Now imagine this happening about two hundred thirty six times over to similarly innocent people with no one to stop it. There you […]

The Borderlands Foundation and the Town of Sejny

By: Samantha Avalos Our two-week intensive travelling seminar through Lithuania and the eastern Polish border was filled with eye-opening experiences, moving discussions, and heart-rending visits of sites of great tragedy. We met with numerous people, those a part of state institutions or NGO’s, and even some individuals who are exactly that, individuals, working with the […]