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A Road to Reconstruction

By Rachel Watson The New Jewish Cemetery on Lotnicza Street in Wroclaw speaks volumes about the treatment of the Germans and Jews prior to the reorganization of Poland, and still today. I am proud to have contributed to the revival of this cemetery through a project that works to return memory. The idea that anyone […]

Memories Forgotten

By Samantha Schantz Robert Kennedy once said, “There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of a comfortable past which, in fact, never existed.” This quote might apply to the situation of the city of […]

Experiencing the Berlin Wall Up Close

By Jeremy Covone The Berlin Wall was only a vague image and I lacked information of it before hand. Growing up and attending school my teachers hardly went into detail about the history of the Berlin Wall. I knew practically nothing about it other than that it was a wall and that many people died […]

Preserving a Forgotten Past

By Stella Van Ness The city of Wroclaw, Poland has a lengthy and complicated history. Part of its history includes a time when it was the German city of Breslau. After the Germans lost WWII the Polish border was shifted west into German territory, and the city began a new chapter in its Polish heritage. […]

The Rise Of Dark Tourism

By Jonalynn Lao There is no doubt that the tourism industry is continuously booming. People decide to travel far and wide from different parts of the world to get to their tourist destination. Many visitors have various reasons for visiting several attractions; for example, business tourists who are traveling for their company. Cultural tourism attracts […]

Eyes That Are Always Watching

By Maddie Petherick During the era of the German Democratic Republic in East Berlin, the secret police force, known as the Stasi, continually kept an eye on citizens of all walks of life who were considered people of special interest. The Stasi was created based on an East German law passed on February 8, 1950, […]

Gleis 17: The Site of Deportation

By Emily Nestler The purpose of observing and studying the European memorials devoted to the Holocaust is to learn and discover how Germany and Poland commemorate the victims and recognize the events that took place from 1933 with the rise of Hitler to 1945, the end of World War II and the liberation of the […]

The Impact of Auschwitz

By Emily Nestler The devastating story and journey of the Holocaust began at train stations across Europe as Jews were forcefully removed from their homes, shunned from society and deported from their country. Our group began to understand the events that took place during the rise of the Nazi regime and the beginning of World […]

Remnants of a Complicated History

By Abigail Thaine The city of Wroclaw has a long and complex history. First documented in the year 1000, Wroclaw has experienced many transitions of power between empires and nation-states. Poland lost control of this region, known as Silesia, for hundreds of years. It was not until 1945 that they regained control over Wroclaw. To […]